Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Proposal

Okay, go watch this brilliant video.

Brilliant right? Totally going for it.

Okay, so now we all no every time anything bad happens some group of people, typically the muslims, burn some shit, or blow some shit up or all kinds of badness.

Well in response to these protests:

Palestinian protestors set fire to the British Council offices

in Gaza city after Britain was accused of colluding in an

Israeli raid on a jail.

The angry demonstrators, chanting "death to the

Americans, death to the British," set the Council office

ablaze and stormed the EU Commission office.

The protests came after Israeli forces smashed their way

into a prison in Jericho, following the withdrawal of

British and American guards from their posts.

I propose that the Brits should put aside their politeness for a while and burn down some vaguely palestinian related things there in the UK. storm the streets, Death to the Palestinians.

Maybe if we violently protest their violent protest they'll get an idea of how silly they look.

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