Thursday, November 10, 2005

Shinobi v. Mono

It was a long and arduous battle, but I have emerged, scarred, exhausted, victorious.

My attention span is still too short to blog. I'm back in the office today. I long for sleep.


Kav said...

glad that you are over it.

Averroes said...

She's not.

Shinobi said...

hehe How'd you know. Stop being right Av.

Averroes said...

Well, Shinobi, I told you about my experience, how my fiance's mother took care of me for six weeks, catering to my every wish, while i lived in her basement. She camehome from work every day to make me lunch. (Remember, some smart ass said that it was amazing that i could get "kissing disease" from my fiance.)

The good news is that the olast week or two of that was probably unnecessary. I was back to school and all.

But there was that time when you feel so much better that you think you ar over it, you doin't feel tired, you feel so much beter that you THINK you are full of enrgy.

You go to do things just as if you were all the way back, and....

You run into the have no stamina.

It'ws a bit like being in the flush of drunkenness, deciding you can run a marathon, and starting one.

But it will pass. One day, you'll realize that it's gone. Just hit the vitamin C, try jnot to lose too much wight, keep up the nutrition, and milk it for everything you can.