Tuesday, August 30, 2005

'This is our tsunami'

yeah, 55-70 dead, or a couple hundred thousand, no difference there.

Americans make me want to vomit sometimes.

While I don't mean to disparage in any way the victims of Hurricane Katrina or the damage to the historic community of New Orleans. The two are really not comparable. If we go with a conservative number of 100,000 deaths in the Tsunami, and estimate 100 deaths from Katrina, we still find that the number dead from Katrina is 0.1% of the Tsunami deaths. To compare the two is revolting.

As far as billions of dollars of damages, well at least New Orleans had some warning.

My thoughts are with the City of New Orleans and the families of the victims. But we are one of the worlds most prosporous nations, lets not play the "victim of horrible catastrophy" card too much, eh?

Update: Hrun and I agree.

Update Heh: Mr. Reynolds's recent posts seem to be implying that the world an the US should be reacting to the current situation similarly to the Tsunami. (maybe I'm just reading too much between the lines though)

"UPDATE: Reader Loren Rueter emails: "Any foreign governments

offering aid?"

None that I've heard of. Should we call 'em stingy?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Less snarkily, The Anchoress emails:

Glenn, remember how Amazon put together
the Honor System for
donations after
the Tsunami? Couldn't something like that

It certainly could. Will it? I guess somebody should ask
Jeff Bezos!

Apparently the difference between 100,000 and 100, or several countries and one city is lost on some parts of the United States. I wonder if this constant comparison thing stems from the human's need for familiarity, maybe they want response to every disaster to be exactly the same.... I don't know.

We have money, and we can donate and take care of our fellow citizens just like we did after 9/11, we don't need to rely on the world for this! Donate to the Red Cross, or Noah's Wish (for animals).


hrun said...

Yeah, that was over the top, wasn't it.

In the end I actually kinda feel sorry for this guy. It's probably the first time that he had to deal with this kind of media interest and I'm sure he's stressed out due to Katrina and the aftermath. So in typical fashion he says something really stupid.

I wonder though if he will be smart, apologize and move on or if he will come up with some tortured logic on how comparing the two is justified.

Smart money is on the latter.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how made the original comment you were commenting on, but damn, how embarrassing...

When I think of not only the scope and enormity of the Asian disaster, but also the lack of inferstructure that kept WATER from being delivered to victims, I just want to gag.

hrun said...

It was the Mayor of Biloxi, MS named A.J. Holloway.